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Each time you notice your computer is not working at its full performance level, you need to find ways to optimize your system and get rid off all registry errors. An application, which can help you solve these problems, is SlimComputer.

Bringing you an entire list of utilities, SlimComputer will make sure you understand each procedure by offering you detailed tips and, thus, guiding you all the way to solving your system problems.

This program will scan your computer for unneeded applications, useless browser add-ons, pre-installed shortcuts and start-up items. Unlike other similar applications, SlimComputer will not only offer you a list with all system issues but it will also display the current rating of each found problem - an evaluation suggested by users just like you to the SlimComputer developers.
I honestly find this aspect very useful due to the fact that I can be sure of the adjustments I make to my system, like uninstalling applications, deleting unnecessary files, etc., with the help provided by much advanced users or the program's developers. Added to that, by using Restore List tool you can undo a system modification.

If all these tools weren't enough for you to optimize the performance of your computer, SlimComputer will give you easy access to the Windows tools from where you can configure security settings, check system information, monitor Windows registry, etc.

Ashley Griggs
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  • User-friendly interface.
  • Comes with many configurations.
  • Fast and accurate scan.
  • You have access to problem ratings offered by other users


  • Couldn't find any disadvantages
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